Gophercon Israel 2021

February 11, Online, Everywhere


GopherCon Israel 2021 Workshops will be a virtual conference (you know why :).

The conference will take place on February 11th, 2021 and will feature several workshops by leading Go developers.

GopherCon is focused on the Go programming language, nevertheless, the topics to be presented relate to many other domains, including: DevOps, cloud computing, web programming, hacking and more.


  • Miki Tebeka

    09:30 12:30 The Daily Go

    Miki Tebeka @tebeka

    Miki has a B.Sc. in computer science from Ben Gurion University. Has also studied there toward an M.Sc. in computational linguistics. Miki had worked in many companies from small startups to big multinational corporations and has written software in many areas from linkers and hardware simulators to news analysis for high frequency traders and handling big data pipelines. Miki has a passion for teaching and mentoring. He has spent many hours giving workshops on various technical subjects, he also mentored many young developers on their way to success. Miki also contributed to many open source projects including Python core, Go, Selenium, Apache Avro and many more. He had worked with several of the leading Python developers gaining deep understanding of the language and help improving it as well.

  • Amit Davidson

    09:30 12:30 Static Analysis with Go - A Practitioner's Guide

    Amit Davidson @amit-davidson

    Hey! my name is Amit Davidson. I’m a senior software engineer for Palo Alto Networks. I’ve been involved with code analysis tools in Go, and I’m the author of Chronos (, a tool used to detect race conditions.

  • Preslav Mihaylov

    13:00 16:00 Hands-on gRPC with Go

    Preslav Mihaylov @PreslavMihaylov

    I’m a software engineer at Uber, working with microservices written in Go & Java. I’ve also been teaching programming since 2015, leading lectures & seminars on various topics from the programming world to both aspiring programmers & experienced developers from Bulgaria, Serbia, Australia, Singapore, The Philippines & more. Topics range from Basics of Programming to Data structures, Algorithms, Web Development & even Blockchain. In my free time, I’m maintaining todocheck - a tiny linter, written in Go which connects your TODOs to your tasks in your issue tracker.

  • Eran Levy

    13:00 16:00 Building cloud native services in Go

    Eran Levy @levyeran

    Eran has worked as a R&D leader and software architect in a diverse range of companies and managed activities in Israel and abroad. Technology for fun and living. Love to share my knowledge and experience with others. Holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science.

  • Bill Kennedy

    16:30 20:30 Tracing and Profiling in Go

    Bill Kennedy @goinggodotnet

    Walking the line between correctness and comprehension,


2 Workshops For Each Time Slot.

Time Slot Description Language
09:30 12:30 Miki Tebeka The Daily Go 353solutions Writing code is hard, maintaining it is even harder. In this workshop we’ll cover the daily tasks a typical gopher goes through (aka “best practices”) such as testing, documenting...
09:30 12:30 Amit Davidson Static Analysis with Go - A Practitioner's Guide Palo Alto Networks Static code analyzers are valuable tools that are easy to write and serve as low-effort bug catchers. Wonder how your IDE knows what it should be yelling at you? Want to make sure no bug (well, many bugs) make it into production? This workshop will guide you in creating your own analyzer in Go!
13:00 16:00 Preslav Mihaylov Hands-on gRPC with Go Uber In this workshop, we’ll go through a small micro services setup and we’ll focus on establishing the communication between them using the gRPC protocol. We’ll explore all communication types gRPC supports and by the end, you’ll have sufficient knowledge to integrate gRPC in your own infrastructure.
13:00 16:00 Eran Levy Building cloud native services in Go Cloud brings with it many benefits but also challenges. Building cloud native services is challenging. Even though the general guidelines are not development language dependent, there are still many differences. The workshop will focus on building an e2e Go cloud native service from scratch.
16:30 20:30 Bill Kennedy Tracing and Profiling in Go Ardan Labs In this workshop Bill will walk you through the Go tooling on tracing and profiling. Along the way, he will teach about escape analysis, garbage collection, and compiler optimizations


  • AppsFlyer


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  • Cloudinary


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  • DoiT


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    DoiT International, the strategic partner of Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, provides cloud expertise, proprietary cloud optimization, and governance software. The company tackles complex problems of scale for customers, using expertise in machine learning, algorithms, complexity analysis, and system design.

    Founded in 2011, DoiT International operates in nearly 70 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia, and Israel. For more information, please visit

  • Palo Alto Networks

    Palo Alto Networks

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    Palo Alto Networks is the largest Cyber Security company in the world that helps tens of thousands of organizations worldwide prevent cyber breaches. At Palo Alto Networks® everything starts and ends with our mission: Being the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life. We have the vision of a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before. These aren’t easy goals to accomplish – but we’re not here for easy. We’re here for the better. We are a company built on the foundation of challenging and disrupting the way things are done, and we’re looking for innovators who are as committed to shaping the future of cybersecurity as we are. As our founder and CTO Nir Zuk once said: "the hacker only needs to succeed once, and we need to succeed 100% of the time!"

  • JFrog


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  • Ardan Labs

    Ardan Labs

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    Special thanks to Ardan Labs